What NOT to Wear with Jean-Claude

Monsieur Van Damme has worn more than his share of regrettable outfits in his day. Today we celebrate the fashion sensibility (or lack there of) of the one and only Muscles from Brussels.

1. Jean-Claude models a selection from his Dammage7 clothing line. Needless to say, it did not herald the rebirth of stone-washed denim.

2. Somewhere Minnie Mouse is naked and shivering.

3. No, that's not Duckie - that's Van Damme's wife, Gladys Potugues. Oh yeah, and check out Jean-Claude's Miami Beach grandma shirt.

4. Despite this obvious publicity stunt, JC ended up losing the role of Blade to Wesley.

5. Photographic evidence: standing next to Iron Mike can make anybody look well-dressed.


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