It's pretty standard police procedure: if you think your problem's weapons and gangs, it's probably just a magical Japanese man. Red Sun Rising pairs action superstar Don "The Dragon" Wilson (Hollywood Safari, Cyber Tracker 2) with Lieutenant Worf's ex Terry Farrell (Paper Dolls, Becker). Wilson plays a Japanese cop, Farrell an American one. You'd think these two would get along swimmingly. Trouble is, Farrell hates "Japs" more than your typical Pearl Harbor vet. Somehow these two are gonna have to get along to defeat James Lew and his mastery of basic black casual attire.

Will Terry Farrell discover the truth? Will Don Wilson discover the truth behind the truth? And will either of of them discover the truth behind the truth perpendicular to the other truth slightly to the left of the actual truth? Find out in Red Sun Rising.

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