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Beaver Creek, Utah is a real tough town - I mean, it makes Park City look like Disneyland. Naturally, it's gonna take a real touch chick to clean up this real tough town. Enter ex-"big city cop" China O'Brien (Cynthia Rockrock) - a "chop suey fighter" with all the right moves to survive this war zone of guns, chainsaw attacks and 3.2 percent alcohol limits.

This straight-to-VHS action blast sold quite a few cassettes back in '91. Why? Why not? Remember, this was the Year of V.I. Warshawski. If you wanna see a 5' 3" redhead beat a redneck across the balls with a mic stand, there's worse uses of 90 minutes. Like China O'Brien II.

Watch it here.

Watch a "Making Of" featurette here.